DIY Drip Irrigation System

Hydroponic System 3 plants
Step by step instructions to make your drip irrigation system:

What do you need:

3 x 3 inch round net pots. x 5 gallon bucket with lid. x water pump. x 4 1/4 inch ports free flow manifold. about 5 inch 1/2 inch and 4-5 ft 1/4 inch tubing.
3 x drippers. Clay pebbles

 1. Cut 3 x 2.5 inch holes on the lid of the bucket.

2. Create a gap for the pumps cable.
 3. Make 3 small holes on the lid for the tubing.
 4. Place the pump at the bottom of the bucket with the manifold connected.
 5. Cut the 1/4 in tubing in 3 pieces about 15 inch long each and connect them to the manifold.
 6. Connect the drippers and fix them above the pots filled with Clay pebbles.
Watch the video instructions


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    drip irrigation saves almost 90% of water in the farming and I enjoyed this thing and learn from it. there are different types of irrigation which also help to conserve water.

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