DIY Deep Water Culture DWC System

 How to make your Deep Water Culture 11 plants home system for herbs, fresh salads...

What do you need: Flat Top Plastic Container 84 litre, 44.5/71/38cm. Net Pots – 8cm.
1 Aquarium Air Stone – 12″ Air Pump Air Line Pipe Diameter 4mm
 1 Hydroton Clay Pebbles-10 Litres 

Step by Step Setup

Outline the outer border of the 11 pots each one in its right place on the cover of the container…
..and draw an inner circle about a half an inch smaller
Cut out the inner circles with a razorblade or cutting tool…
…and then make cuts from the inner to the outer circle.
…Put the net pots in its place… .
and fill with Hydroton Clay Pebbles

Place the Air Stone at the bottom of the reservoir and connect to the Air Pump. Fill the nutrient solution in the tank to the level that the net pots are immersed (Always keep the solution above this level).

Watch the video

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