Drip Irrigation System

Drip System
This is very widely used hydroponic system due to its simple setup, high efficiency and low cost. It is popular solution for everything from backyard or garage vegetable gardens to large-scale industrial farms that want to save money and resources.

The basic premise is that nutrient solution is periodically pumped out of the reservoir by a tubing, usually 1 inch, which is divided into ½ inch lateral lines that run directly alongside the plants. These lateral lines contain a dripper for each plant, which is placed directly at the plant base and provides a controlled flow of nutrient solution directly to the roots. Then the solution is collected back in the reservoir to be reused again. A timer controls a submersed pump. The cycle repeats usually 4 to 6 times (every 3, 4 hours in the light period and once at the middle of the dark period) a day for about 15 minutes.
There are a lot of different types of drip irrigated hydroponic system depending of the number of plants, space available, but the principle is always the same – reservoir – tubing – dripper – roots – reservoir and… repeat. The using of timer reduces the man work to a minimum, which is periodical check and adjust (if needed) the PH level of the solution and also the solution should be changed every 2-3 weeks or when the plant enters the next phase of his life and need a different solution mixture.


  1. very nice article !!!!
    drip irrigation saves almost 90% of water in the farming and I enjoyed this thing and learn from it. there are different types of irrigation which also help to conserve water.

  2. detailed information about irrigation system
    I love this idea! We travel quite a bit and a neighbor waters our plants for us. We could do this instead and save so much time and I wouldn’t worry about forgetting to water too. Thank you!