Wick system

Wick system

The wick system is the most simple form of hydroponic kits. This is a passive system. The nutrient solution does not move and riches the roots from the reservoir through the capillary action of wick material and absorbent grow media. The growing media used in the wick system is usually a mixture of various growing media like rockwool, perlite, coconut fiber – in order to increase to the utmost their capillary capacity and keep the plants up-right and sturdy. Wick systems use woven nylon rope to draw water up to the planting medium. The water is drawn up automatically as it is needed to maintain a certain moisture level. Most planting mixes maintain a moisture level sufficient for plant roots to draw upon. The soil should not get soggy because it maintains air space between the particles, allowing for proper drainage.

It’s a very easy to set and very compact system and is very usefull in small home gardens for growing in small spaces. The upside is that you can’t overwater a plant in a wick system, protecting new growers from the most common newbie mistake. They also will water plants when the grower forgets- as long as the res is kept full.

This system’s biggest disadvantage comes with large plants which need large amounts of water which the wicks are unable to supply. Another downside is that wicks don’t move as much oxygenated nute solution across the rootmass as a recirculating system does and as such can’t be as productive nor as fast as a recirculating hydro system. That’s why adding an air pump in the reservoir is a good idea.

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